Concept Craftsman has made many different built-in furniture pieces for clients. These can include wall units, book cases, Murphy beds, and window seats.

Shelves and Entertainment Center

Shelves and cabinets are built around a fireplace. A space for a large screen TV completes the entertainment center.

Entertainment Center

Built in shelves and cabinets surround the entertainment center. The corner shelves and a finished look to the project..

Murphy Bed Closed

A Murphy bed is an excellent idea for a guest room. The Murphy bed stows away until needed.

Murphy Bed Opened

The bed can be easily opened and folds out for a guest.

Triangle Storage

This triangle storage solution makes use of an area under a staircase.

Triangle Storage Drawer

The drawers in the triangle under the staircase open wide for multiple uses.

Window Seat

This window seat with drawers underneath enhances the look of the bay window.

Shelves and Mantel

This room was a multi-step project. It started with adding the cabinets around the window, then came the mantel a year later, followed by the crown molding then later the carpets were removed and we added the hardwood flooring.