Concept Craftsman can do complete remodel of a kitchen, a cabinet makeover or even just a custom cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinets

This unit was created to match the existing red oak cabinets located on an opposite wall. The original cabinet was just a door with a 36" deep closet. Nearly impossible to find anything. With the roll out that all changed.

Kitchen Cabinets

This is the cabinets with the roll out shelves back in place

Kitchen Makeover - Before

This is the before picture of a kitchen make-over.

Kitchen Makeover - After

After the makeover, the kitchen has more usable space and flows much better.

Kitchen with Island

The cabinets were in good shape and the homeowner didn't want to start from scratch. So we spruced it up with a contrasting crown molding, curved window valance new counters and completed it with a custom Island to match the original cabinets.

Roll Out Cabinet

The roll out cabinet over the refrigerator is a lot more convenient than a standard shelf.